The world may be changing, but common sense and the basic rules of investing have stayed the same.  We're passionate about teaching people the fundamentals of investing,bringing financial education and empowerment to those who need it.

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FST has developed a flexible curriculum for middle school students, Investigating Investments, as well as the accompanying teacher’s guides and train-the-trainer materials.  The purpose is to introduce the basics of money and investments to youth, so they feel comfortable and confident making financial decisions, recognize financial priorities, and handle money effectively for a successful financial future.

At present, FST is developing curriculum for high school and college students, as well.



Television Show:

A half hour weekly television show, Financial Boot Camp, is being developed and produced.  The pilot episode has been produced and is ready for advertisers.  Although many news shows present financial information every day, and there are other “financial” television shows, Financial Boot Camp is unique.  Instead of telling viewers what to do, or providing information that often leaves viewers feeling confused and left behind, the goal of Financial Boot Camp is to empower viewers to make educated financial decisions by introducing basic financial concepts and terms and using easy to understand language.

As the host of the television show, Dee Mosier’s previous teaching background and extensive experience in the investment industry gives her a distinct understanding of the challenge of financial education.  Retired from the investment industry, this 30 year veteran brings a very common sense approach to teaching and television.  She’s gained contacts globally, produced and hosted television programs, interviewed top experts, authored a book, and taught International Business and Investments at Columbia College, Chicago.

As the title of the show implies, it’s about teaching the basics – financial survival skills in these economically challenging times.



Social Media: 

FST’s website provides a place where people can access more information about finances and investing.  The website provides links to YouTube videos and a Blog, as well as investment information on a variety of countries for viewers who are interested in a global perspective.  The website also features an educational section with quizzes and activities to test knowledge and reinforce learning.

FST’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, the Blog, and MySpace, create additional space for people to connect, communicate, and participate in financial education by posting comments and questions.


As we grow, we invite you to grow along with us. Feel free to contact our office if you have questions, by calling 1-888-452-1161 or E-Mail us Advertising Inquiry

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